I Could Not Have Done It Without Marion

Jennifer Martin, Bookworm Boomer

I started 2016 as a 200-pound couch potato. Thanks to Weight Watchers and Marion, I lost 40 pounds and gained overall strength in my body.  Marion worked with me on gentle exercises to strengthen my core and gain a sense of balance. She even helped me to understand the science behind walking and gave me tips on how to find the best walking shoes.  In July, I was able to participate in a two-week walking pilgrimage from Assisi to Rome where I walked over 150 km and climbed Mt. Subasio. I couldn't have done it without Marion, and I thought of her every day. I hope she will be there when I decide where my next pilgrimage will be.



Before I could not climb a few steps out of the pool – now I mount them with pride

Angela M. Raish

I am 97 years young. Marion was our outstanding Fitness Director. Not only does she have a fine education, but she is a motivating teacher..caring and rewarding. I never missed a class. Marion was never a Bore!! She packed functional movements for body and brain .. accompanied by invigorating music and her enthusiasm, we were challenged. She develops our classes with evidence-based movements to help us live longer and better.

Before I started classes with Marion, I could not climb the few steps out of the pool… after a few months, I mounted them with pride.  I recommend her to you whole-heartedly



A Tremendous All-around Trainer and Wellness Coach

Clare Lindsay

Marion is a tremendous all-around trainer and wellness coach! I am a Baby Boomer and have been working with her now for about 6 months, at least twice weekly.  Marion has an amazingly broad background in physical fitness and training.  She is always ready to meet me with an ever-evolving set of exercises tailored to my exact needs and preferences. She is careful to ensure that I am working up to greater levels of strength and doing so with correct form to avoid injury.  As an added bonus, Marion also helps me stretch to loosen my tight muscles and she locates and massages painful trigger points -- all as a part of my regular workout routine.  Finally, Marion knows a tremendous amount about nutrition and has many delicious suggestions on how to change up my diet and drop a few pounds.  A dedicated student of all things related to health and well-being, Marion has a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to share with her clients.  Marion really cares and is a true professional.  I feel lucky to have found her!  



I Wish I Could’ve Met You 60 Years Ago!

Jane McKeel, Falls Church, Virginia

Marion Recktenwald is simply the best fitness instructor I’ve ever known. At the time of life when muscles are gradually turning to fat, I’m actually able to counter that process in her excellent class “Core and More.” Marion uses her superior understanding of the body to help her students in their 70s, 80s, and 90s develop a more nimble body, and to live with less pain and stress and with more strength for daily tasks without injury.

If this instruction had been available to me when I was young, the benefits of knowing how to protect and strengthen my spine would have been invaluable during all these intervening years. Fortunately, it’s never too late! Students leave Marion’s class feeling less stiff, pleasantly stretched, and invigorated. And we have the peace of mind of knowing that these exercises are safe; Marion insists that we relax our lower back between workouts, and the result is no sore, overworked back the following days!

Marion is passionate about her mission to help seniors develop a body that will serve them better. She moves among us students, making sure we’re performing the exercises correctly. I am amazed how slight corrections of hand position, toes, or hips can render an exercise we have performed in the past much safer and more effective. I especially appreciate that she explains the “why” of any given exercise, for knowing how I am benefiting motivates me to continue working. In my many years of exercising and pursuing good health, I have never met a teacher as knowledgeable, well-trained, or more dedicated to truly helping her students.



Left her classes feeling able to do more each time

Dalia Meza

At 91 years of age, I participated in a series of Marion Recktenwald’s exercise classes, and I felt increasingly healthier and stronger as a result. Marion is an excellent teacher, who enjoys her work, and she is very effective at leading a group with a wide range of fitness levels. I left her classes feeling able to do more each time. She recognized our special needs as seniors, keeping us engaged, as well as informed of the benefits of each exercise, and inspiring each of us to commit to having a healthier body and mind. Thanks, Marion!



A Spectacular Coach and Trainer; a Dynamo with a Heart of Gold!


Marion is a spectacular coach and trainer!  She is a true believer in and a living example of the power of exercise to heal our bodies and improve our overall sense of well-being.

I participated in one of Marion’s water aerobics class.  It was a terrific workout and so much fun!  She did all of the exercises with us, sometimes standing at the edge of the pool to demonstrate a move, often jumping in to participate in an activity.  She not only describes how to move, but also explains, why it’s beneficial. 

I also attended a “dry” aerobics class led by Marion.  It included women with a broad range of physical abilities, but she seamlessly provided the appropriate instructions and feedback to everyone in the class.  She selected music that helped the class pick up the pace, while making the exercises much more enjoyable.

In talking with Marion about her work, I am always impressed with her drive to improve her skills as an athletic trainer.  She is constantly taking classes to broaden her knowledge, studying the latest research and clinical findings in the field of exercise science so that she can provide her clients with the best information and the most effective courses of treatment.  Marion comes from a medical family; and perhaps this is why she is so attentive to the discovering the reasons that a particular client may be struggling physically, mentally or emotionally.   She is truly a dynamo, with a heart of gold!



I did not have to increase my medication. You will be in excellent hands.

Nancy Lauler, BabyBoomer with PD

I much appreciate how all-encompassing and enjoyable my sessions with Marion have been. They incorporate a focus on the amplitude of movement, along with energizing music and a variety of aerobics, TRX, and other fitness components and equipment. Regardless of how I felt on any given day, Marion always managed to challenge me to safely achieve more than what I thought was possible.  I felt refreshed, more alert and limber following each session, and I have not needed to increase my medications since we started working together!

Marion's concern for my well-being over these last 1.5 years has carried over well beyond our one hour sessions.  She offers lifestyle suggestions and the latest PD and wellness-related findings that have made a difference in my daily life.I highly recommend Marion ‘s knowledgeable, effective, and compassionate services to others in need of Parkinson’s Disease-specific fitness training. You will be in excellent hands!



Marion clearly knows how to work with someone with balance issues.  She helped me move better and feel more relaxed.

Gopal D, NJ

I am 75 y/o man who has been diagnosed with  atypical Parkinson’s Disease. I usually see a Physical Therapist 3 times a week and when visiting my family in Virginia, Marion stepped in to work with me.I enjoyed my time with Marion as she clearly understood how to work with someone with balance issues and who was very tight. Marion’s flexibility training helped me move better as well as become more relaxed. She was upbeat and patient and was very knowledgable. I will definitely see her again the next time I am in Virginia.



A pleasant personality and desire to help people alleviate pain.

Roberta Groves

I am 89 years old. I came to Marion in severe pain suffering from arthritis and spinal stenosis of the cervical spine. I barely could move my head and neck. Marion worked diligently with me on a regular basis and now, continuing my home care exercises, I am relatively pain-free and doing well. Marion has considerable knowledge in her chosen fields and works well with groups as well as individuals. Because of her pleasant personality and sincere desire to help people eliminate pain, I will truly miss her.



Pain be gone!  Or magic Marion

Smitha D, Arlington, VA   Younger Client

I came to Marion for help with my back pain and I am so happy I did. She really took her time to understand my needs and limits and put together a workout that challenged me She was patient and motivating and didn’t let me give up. I felt stronger only after a few sessions!! I now call her Magic Marion!!! THANK YOU!!!