Meet Marion


Marion is a fitness and lifestyle program designer, coach, educator, researcher and entrepreneur. 

Marion has been a lifelong fitness and health enthusiast.  Running, cross-training, horseback riding, skiing, swimming and dancing have been passions since her youth.  Dance has been in the center of her life since her childhood, starting with ballet, along with five years of ballroom dancing, Zumba, and most recently, brain stimulating and healing dance techniques. Over time, as she learned from the successful management her own health challenges, Marion expanded her expertise to train others and now incorporates restorative and mind body healing approaches.

Marion helps clients from ages 19 to 104 get stronger, feel better, move better, and sharpen their minds.  She has also works with Parkinson’s clients whose positive results translate into lasting, every-day benefits.

For Marion, fitness means physical and cognitive health and wellness, stamina, stability, movement, and joy! She offers holistic programs to prevent and counter-act age-related decline of body and mind so you can enjoy your golden years.

Marion’s Passion for Fitness is derived from personal experience. “In my youth, especially with my small frame, I was challenged to keep weight off. As a boomer, I learned how to effectively counteract some of “typical” physical and mental challenges associated with shifts in hormonal, metabolic and other body systems."  

Marion is instutemntal in managing her parents' Dementia and Parkinson's Disease. She has seen how these diseases can affect patients and caretakers.  She has also witnessed the tremendous difference that-specific exercise-approaches can have in managing the symptoms and even slowing or halting progression

Marion has had Lyme Disease, Celiac Disease and Fibromyalgia.

I know how debilitating pain and other physical limitations can be. I know how hard it may feel to start the path towards greater health. I also know that that the clock can be turned back. I am living example of the amazing benefits a consistent condition-tailored lifestyle including nutrition, exercise approaches and stress reduction. I feel better now than my doctors would ever have expected. I know that is never too late to achieve improved well-being and never too early to get started!

It is Marion’s passion and mission to share her knowledge and skills to guide you on a path of optimal wellbeing so you can be your best at 50 Plus.



  • Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • Functional Aging Specialist, Functional Aging Institute
  • Parkinson’s Fitness Specialist, PWR!Moves® Instructor & PT
  • Ageless Grace Educator, Ageless Grace®
  • Fitness Instructor, Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
  • Functional Aging Group Fitness Instructor, Functional Aging Institute
  • Tai-Chi Instructor, Open the Door to Tai Chi
  • Aqua Instructor, Yet Wet
  • (Certified) Zumba Instructor,
  • Neurokinetic Therapy Scholar, NKT