The “active resistance” inside the Activmotion Bars activates muscles of the core and the extremities up to 173% more than standard static fitness tools.

The Science: "When controlled for range of motion, static weight, and speed of movement, the ActivMotion bar elicited greater muscle activation, relative to a standard fitness bar or medicine ball. Ostensibly, the increase in muscle activation was the result of the internal passive weights, which generated a dynamic moment of inertia, thereby enhancing the stabilizing demands on the muscles."

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Activmotion Bar Golf Fitness
Lengthen, Strengthen and Activate the Core for
Better Performance on the Course


ActivMotion Bars provide golfers with a simple, effective means of activating, lengthening, and strengthening the key muscles involved in the golf swing. The innovative features of the dynamic ActivMotion Bars make them uniquely effective in improving performance at the range and on the course.

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