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Why Thrive with Marion

  • Our one-of-a kind programs are founded in the physiology of aging and cutting edge science offering practical and protective steps to build disease resistance, boost stamina, maintain a healthy weight and sustain and agile and sharp mind.  

  • You will benefit from holistic body and mind programs that combine joyful, playful, challenging, mentally stimulating, and healing experiences for optimal wellbeing.

  • Depending on your special needs, we can design training on land, chair/wheel chair, in water or a combination thereof.

  • Because of Marion’s unique knowledge and style, our programs offer the combined benefits of traditional mainstream training approaches and formats along with other evidence-based approaches such as Tai-Chi, Ageless Grace®, and healing dance movements.

  • People with Parkinson’s Disease will benefit from the Parkinson’s-specific training based on the  PW!Moves® Wellness Recovery program.  They will also value opportunities to integrate this evidence-based approach with Tai-Chi, enjoyable and stimulating dance movements, as well as other exercises for Brain Health and Brain Change such as Ageless Grace® Training. 

  • We believe you will experience the difference in our training, leaving our classes with a greater sense of strength, wellness and joy.


Meet Marion

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Marion Recktenwald, PhD, is a fitness and lifestyle coach, cognitive exercise specialist, educator, researcher, and entrepreneur.  

Marion has helped hundreds of Baby Boomers and Seniors to improve their physical, cognitive and emotional fitness. We offer education empowering clients to optimize their lifestyle choices. We provide fitness and wellness programs help prevent, delay or mitigate symptoms of premature aging of body and mind.

It is Marion’s passion to guide you on the path of well-being. “I am living example of the amazing benefits of a consistent condition-tailored lifestyle including nutrition, exercise, and stress reduction. I feel better now than my doctors would ever have expected. I know that is never too late to achieve improved wellbeing and never too early to get started.”


Words of Praise from Our Clients

I have not had to increase my medication. You will be in excellent hands.
— Nancy Lauler, Baby Boomer with Parkinson's Disease
I lost 40 pounds, gained strength and was able to participate in a two-week 150 km walking pilgrimage from Assisi to Rome. I could not have done this without Marion.
— Jennifer Martin, Bookworm Boomer
Before I could not climb a few steps out of the pool – now I mount them with pride.
— Angela M. Raish, 96 Years Young